About Us

Our passion "driving sustainability, building healthy ecosystems"

Who we are

GreenDNA was born in the year 2008 with the passion to grow organic, densely nutritional farm produce in a sustainable manner that uses as well as protects and enriches the natural resources such as Soil, Air, Water and Energy. This includes adhering to agricultural practices that do not harm the environment, which provides fair treatment to workers and supports local communities.


  • Grow organic produce and provide them clean and fresh to the communities
  • Use only sustainable agriculture methods and practices
  • Strive to enrich the environment around us – Soil, Water, Air, Energy
  • Establish food security

Our Approach

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of the soil, ecosystem and people. It relies on the ecological process, bio diversity cycles adapted to local conditions rather than the use of inputs which lead to adverse effects.

Sustainable farming practices complements the organic agriculture in the production of food, fiber or other plant and animal produce and in parallel achieve the below goals.

  • Environmental Health - Sustain and enhance the health of biological ecosystems
  • Economic Profitability – Help the farmer sustain financial needs
  • Social and Economic Equality – Engage and include the local community
  • Food Security – Access to Sufficient, Safe and Nutritious food meeting their dietary needs and
            preferences for an active and healthy life

Our practices


Sustainable crop production is a way of growing food in an ecologically, transparently and ethically responsible manner. It rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Keeping a check on excess or unwarranted usage of natural and human resources is of prime importance.

There is a saying – "If one wants to be happy forever, be a FARMER". The happiness we derive from growing produce and protecting mother earth is eternal and invaluable one.

At our farm, we always keep in mind about the effects of our farming practices on the natural resources (soil, water, air and energy), the quality of produce, the local community, animal welfare and the wider environment. Our farming methods strive to maintain and improve the productivity while encouraging and enhancing natural biological processes. In simple words, we produce farm food without hurting the natural eco system, without hurting mother earth and ensuring the health of the soil, air, water and energy is protected and enriched. Here are proven agricultural methods we have practiced to ensure that the food we grow is Organic, densely nutritious, safe and wholesome

  • Using Compost manure, Green Manure that are prepared within the farm as much as possible
  • Pest Management by Growing Crop rotation and Companion Planting
  • Sowing as per the climate and geo location of the farm
  • Build Soil fertility through the use of cover cropping, crop rotation and supplemental soil nutrients prepared using farm inputs
  • Using Green/Clean energy wherever required (Solar, Biogas)
  • Rain Water Harvesting and Collection to enhance the ground water levels

Our Portfolio

What we are doing.
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    Soil Management

    Soil is the Nurturer of the plant, animal and human ecosystem on mother Earth. Soil is the beginning of a life and the end as well. .

    Water Management

    Water is the most precious natural resource that is Finite and non-renewable.It is needed to support ecosystems.

    Renewable Energy

    Energy Consumption is inevitable in our daily life. We eat, travel and work with energy. Even our recreation or rest needs energy.

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    Nutrition Management

    Without essential nutrients, plants cannot grow to their full potential and be more prone to disease.

    Dairy Development

    Coming soon...

    Compost development

    Coming soon...

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    Pest Management

    Understanding the dynamics of ecological balance helps manage pest naturally.

    e-waste management

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